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Astrological Terms Beginning With Q

Quadralizethis word refers to the process of combining to form a Magi Quad. Two pairings quadralize to form an M/Q; or a pairing and a composite quadralize to form an Aspected M/Q.

Quadrants - The four quarters in a chart, or the four seasons in the year or the zodiac.

Quadrupedian signs - Alternate term for bestial signs.

Quadrate - Major malefic square aspect of 90 degrees..

- Moon's dichotomes: changes, phases or quarters. Frequently referred to as the square aspect.

Quadruplicities - Division of the signs of the Zodiac into three categories - Cardinal, Fixed and Mutable - related to specific attributes common to each category. Cardinal signs represent signs associated with beginnings; fixed signs are identified more with completion; and mutable signs can go either way. Also known as the Qualities.

Qualities - The Signs are classified by their Qualities: Cardinal, Fixed or Mutable. Also referred to as modalities or quadruplicities.

Quarter periods - One of the general time lord systems of the hellenistic period, based upon quarter periods of the Moon.

Quaters - North, South, East and West.

Querent - Person asking a question of the astrologer.

Quincunx - An arc of 150 degrees. Also known as the inconjunct; this aspect creates a certain uneasiness and a feeling of discomfort.

Quindecile - A minor easy aspect, the fifteenth harmonic, 24°.

Quintessence - Fifth alchemical principle. The underlying spiritual basis underpinning the four elements, corresponding to the idea of the Ether, or space-time continuum.

Quintile - The quintile is an aspect of 72 degrees. It is an easy minor aspect often signifying human endeavor and accomplishments.