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Vedic Astrology, also known as Jyotish or Hindu Astrology, is the traditional astrology of India and stems from its spiritual and yogic culture going back thousands of years. It integrates karma and spiritual destiny with the unfolding of the current life of the individual. As such it goes far beyond the information generally provided by Western astrology. The field of Vedic Astrology has recently become much more accessible in the West as more noted scholars and students of the ancient sciences begin to write on the subject.

While there are similarities to Western astrology, there are also substantial differences. Vedic astrology, perhaps because of its spiritual background, delves deeply into the movements of life within the larger context of destiny, karma and vast movements of time and evolution through time. It is impossible to give a meaningful description of Vedic Astrology in a short overview, so we shall try to provide guidance on books that illuminate the field so that you can find resources that can introduce you to the subject in a realistic way.